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Title: Sun 7th Oct - Newcastle 0 Man United 3
Post by: trophy4toon on October 06, 2012, 07:37:00 am

Any one know which referee has been appointed for this match ??

Is anyone else other than me looking at Alex Ferguson this season and thinking he's slurring his words and his nose has gone deep purple, lest we forget, he is 71 in December. Mind, in saying that I hope I could still manage Man United when I'm 71. 

I've yet to see Man United play well in the Premier League this season but we have only beaten them once in the last ten matches between us.

There is a chance Coloccini will be back for us otherwise it's Perch and Williamson up against Rooney and Van Persie, oh dear.

Meanwhile Man United too are looking to rush back Chris Smalling as they have severe injury problems in their back four.

With Demba Ba as the Premier League top scorer then surely we can exploit that.

There might be a few goals in this one then.

Likely team:
Simpson     Williamson   Coloccini    Santon
Ben Arfa      Tiote    Cabaye     Gutierrez
                     Ba    Cisse          
Title: Re: Sun 7th Oct - Newcastle v Man United
Post by: trophy4toon on October 07, 2012, 04:17:35 pm
12 minutes

To be fair Man United should be 3-0 up as Wellbeck has missed two absolute sitters. Bad goal to concede at the corner. Williamson completely losing Evans.

Then Harper almost committing suicide.

Ooops 2-0 as I write, Evra charges in for another header from a corner, defence all over the place.

In fact team all over the place.

Sloppy and very poor start from us and desrvedly 2-0 down
Title: Re: Sun 7th Oct - Newcastle v Man United
Post by: trophy4toon on October 07, 2012, 04:58:53 pm
Half time

after 20 minutes Man United had had 7 attempts on goal to Newcastle's 0. The next 25 minutes was Newcastle 7 Man United 0.

As expected, both defences poor but actually neither attack seems to be functioning either. Both Man United goals came from our chaotic defending of corners with runners unmarked.

Man United loading most of their attacks down the right at Shane Ferguson but he is holding up well with able support from Guttierez.

Player ratings for the first half:

Harper - shit - just seems wanting at this level, too slow and indecisive
Santon - good - a class performance from a class act
Williamson - shit - we need him to command the area at corners
Perch - good - steady performance
Ben Arfa - shit - rarely in the game and distribution and shooting poor
Cabaye - shit - poor shooting and needs to get a grip on midfield
Tiote - good - passionate performance
Gutierrez - good - putting in a good shift with some good attacking play
Cisse - shit - needs to do better
Ba - shit - some opportunities coming his way but needs to do better

No surprise that our three main offensive players Cisse, Ba, Ben Arfa all playing poorly hence we have not had an effort on target in the first half.
Title: Re: Sun 7th Oct - Newcastle v Man United
Post by: trophy4toon on October 07, 2012, 05:24:21 pm
60 minutes

First sub by Pardew.

Its Ferguson off for Anita and Cisse off for Ameobi.

Actually pleased to see ameobi on as he seems to link well with Ba.

Not sure why we've taken Ferguson off, Gutierrez now playing left back with Anita in midfield, maybe hoping for more attacking thrust from midfield.
Title: Re: Sun 7th Oct - Newcastle v Man United
Post by: trophy4toon on October 07, 2012, 05:41:11 pm
Final sub bigirimana on for Tiote after 80 minutes.

Fair enough, protect Tiote after his injury and he's on a booking, how do you get your hair to be like Bigirimana, makes him look tall.
Title: Re: Sun 7th Oct - Newcastle v Man United
Post by: trophy4toon on October 07, 2012, 05:47:16 pm
86 minutes

it really is game over now, more like a procession.

But Bigirimana certainly takes Tiote's place well, a booking after 10 minutes on the pitch
Title: Re: Sun 7th Oct - Newcastle v Man United
Post by: Crico on October 07, 2012, 06:13:58 pm
Bit aggrieved. We looked controlled on the ball, won our 50-50s and passed it well until the final third. Difficult to complain about the non-goal given we had the same thing go our way over at Everton (and Pardew will keep pushing linesmen: bad Karma) but it still hurts. Guttierez really brought the war to Man Utd today as he always seems to do, and another competent performance for Santon and Ferguson.

The first 2 goals were very defendable and it is another day to regret not signing Douglas or another centre half this summer. Its not as if this situation was entirely unpredictable either. Taylor and Colloccini both have injury records. No use crying over spilt milk I guess.

Laughed when Tiote had a baby for his booking, but other than that its a day for what ifs. Not ready to have a go at the strikers because they were pretty closely shackled today and still managed to win headers that they had no right to. I think it will be a different story against Sunderland and I can see on of Cisse or Ba (or even both!) getting a goal at the SoS.