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Dolly the optimistic, is going 1-1

Matt is going 3-1 to Chelsea

This is a really tricky one to predict, just how many will Chelsea score.
I've just seen the team line up, no Shelvey for some reason and lots of our new players included in a very defensive 5-4-1 formation.
Chelsea don't look great at the back.
I'm thinking
Newcastle 1 Chelsea 3 

Matt has gone :
Cardiff 1 Newcastle 1

Where is Slam Dunc

Dolly is in with an optimistic prediction:
Cardiff 0 Newcastle 1

Tricky start for us, home to a top 4 club then away to a newly promoted club.
This is a bigger game for us than last week, we need to get points from this game. But so do Cardiff. Big match already for both teams:
Cardiff 1 Newcastle 1

Half time 1-2
Entertaining first half from the teams who've spent nothing.
Tottenham look a great team to me, very sharp going forward. Much better than Man United last night.
I'm not a big fan of Deli Ali's attitude but have to say he's a great offensive midfield player.
Harry Kane though looks a bit sluggish to me.
Tottenham might tire second half given most of them have only trained since last Monday.
The second half is time for our new boys to come on and prove their worth !!

Welcome to a new season at St James Park , soon to be named House of Fraser Mall.

As Mike Ashley continues to defy the laws of the Premier League and make record savings whilst targeting the optimum 10th place in the league and ensuring no players get injured in a cup competition that might put those ambitions at risk.

To be honest we have a great manager and a lot of new players. Much will depend on how good they are.

Tottenham have just bought a new stadium so you can understand why they may not have bought any players.

So the game of the none spenders begins. To be honest, after watching Manchester United stuttering against Leicester last night, it's clear to see spending money brings no guarantees on entertainment.

Lets hope today is an exciting match, I'm excited and I'm sure it will be.   

Welcome back Tooncelona for another new season of drama and money saving.

I'm looking forward to seeing our new House of Fraser shirts.

Matt is a little more optimistic than you Tooncelona, he reckons Newcastle will score :
Newcastle 1 Tottenham 3

The season kicks off now after what I think has been a pretty good acquisition trail in the transfer window.

Most of the Tottenham team only returned to training last Monday following their World cup holiday. So they should be feeling quite refreshed if not too fit.

I reckon both teams might be happy with a draw here :
Newcastle 1 Tottenham 1

Finally, the final league table.
I have to say the battle for second place has been really gripping, with MrMalaki winning on alphabetical order as the three of us finished the season on exactly the same number of points and predictions. Well I've never seen that before .....
Oh and Slam Dunc won it for the first time in 11 years  ;D  ;D  ;D  ;D  ;D
           Predictions   Total
Slam Dunc        38   63
Mrmalaki             39   58
Tooncelona         39   58
Trophy4toon        39   58
Matt                   34   53
Dolly                   24   20
Hooperman              8   13

Congratulations to our 11th Trophy4toon Predictions league Champion winning the title by a clear 5 points in a gripping last match finale.

Slam Dunc

Well your the Champion Slam Dunc, after 11 years of trying you've finally made it.

Having my dinner now, will do the final table later

Itís academic really but Matt has gone
Newcastle 1 Chelsea 1

Slam Dunc has phoned in his score and left me a voicemail.
Heís gone for a surprise 2-1 home win to Newcastle

The rules have been in place for 11 years to reward those that make the most predictions.
So Slam Dunc you just need to win it by clear points on the last match.
Which to be honest is a tricky one

Here's the predictions league table going into the final match.
It's still possible for Slam Dunc, Mrmalaki, me or Tooncelona to win it. Tooncelona has made more predictions than Slam Dunc hence by the rules if they were level on points Tooncelona would finish higher :

           Predictions   Total
Slam Dunc    37   61
Mrmalaki      38   58
Trophy4toon   38   58
Tooncelona   38   56
Matt             33   53
Dolly            24   20
Hooperman   8   13

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