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Let's go out on a high and see if we can edge into that last Champions League spot (it is the top 13 that qualify isn't it?  ;) )

Fulham 1 NUFC 2

I'm going to the match so I hope you're right Mrmlalaki! I'm going to agree with you on one side of the score at least!

NUFC 0 Liverpool 3

If I thought there was any chance of City dropping points in either of their two remaining matches, and now that we're safe(ly into Europe) I could live with losing this one!

Now that we've secured our Champions League position (we have haven't we?), well probably take our foot off the gas!

Brighton 1 NUFC 1

I was tempted to go for 1-1 but all of this optimism is rubbing off ...

Toon 2 Saints 1

I hate to say it but I don't think we're going to secure our Champions League slot this weekend!

Leicester 2 NUFC 0   :(

Yes, I agree but four goals? I think that cool Northumbrian air must have got to your brain SD!

Toon 2 Palace 1

Apparently we've lost the last seven away matches to Arsenal, and unfortunately I'm not hopeful of changing that this time.

Arsenal 2 NUFC 0

Bournemouth 0 Toon 1
Europe here we come!!

Let's get back to winning ways ...

Toon 1 Everton 0

Despite needing a win to keep our Champions League Hope's alive, let's not get too carried away ...

West Ham 1 Newcastle  1

We're on a roll! ... Well ok, so are Burnley ... But if we're going to secure that Champions League spot, mrmalaki, we need three points!

Toon 2 Burnley 1

Slam Dunc is going for a confident 3-0 to NUFC.

Comfortable home win! First NUFC goal for Almiron and an assist for Rondon!  ;)

Toon 2 Huddersfield 0

Wolves are doing well, but let's go for a confident:


The Trophy4toon Predictions League 2018/19 / Re: Spurs (February)
« on: February 02, 2019, 09:34:58 am »
Er ... just check that league table again SD!

I've got to agree with mrmalaki in that Man City are better than Spurs, but I'm going to agree with Slam Dunc on the score.

Spurs 2 Toon 0

Once Almiron is eligible to play we'll rocket up the league! No pressure eh? Of course being a new boy he probably hasn't started reading Trophy for Toon yet, and won't know the expectations we have!!

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