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Not seeing a glorious end to the season here I'm afraid:

Newcastle 0 Arsenal 2

Bad luck Spurs

QPR have only scored 12 goals at home in 18 matches.

We can barely score either.

QPR 0 Newcastle 0

we are going to win this.

Sunderland can't score, mind neither can we:

Newcastle 1 Sunderland 0

A tight nervy win predicted here:

Newcastle 2 Fulham 1

Seems a long time since the Wigan match and we've still haven't got a full team.

And I hear T4T has still banned football from the tele in his house  ;D

Man City 4 Newcastle 0

A draw would probably suite both teams:

Wigan 2 Newcastle 2

Yes, dull, lifeless, 0-0 draw for me.

We'll be ok here I think, depends how Swansea react to cup win, remembering Birmingham never won a game after they won the cup:

Swansea 2 Newcastle 2

To be honest I'll settle for a draw here given we were in the Ukraine last week and everyone below us bar Wigan lost today:

Newcastle 1 Southampton 1 

Might we get a draw here with the French national team against the European champions, no

Newcastle 1 Chelsea 3

I'm expecting a fine win here as the team grows in confidence, Debuchy and Steven Taylor strengthen the defence, more injured players returning and a more united dressing room following the transfer out of Demba Ba

Newcastle 3 Reading 0

You can safely say that if we don't win todays match we are in big sh*t !

But if we do win then with the goings on at Southampton, and eight point gap over Reading and Wigan struggling, we might be ok.

Think the answer to that question Mackem2 is 7 more years as Ashley breaks the mould of football by refusing to sack the manager just because the team is rubbish every week. Also we couldn't get a much cheaper manager than Pardew, which all helps.

Anyway, yet another defeat coming our way.

Norwich 2 Newcastle 0 

Defeat, defeat, defeat

Brighton 2 Newcastle 0

Both teams will be happy with a dull tired draw here:

Newcastle 0 Everton 0

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