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Gotta be a home win.
Toon 4-1 Crystal Palace

Mmmmm we are on a hat trick of wins.
 Burnley 2-2 Toon
But not this evening! !!

Yes Mrmalaki SG is back on the road.
This is where the work starts, did well in Russia but was it a fluke or are England a great team....
England 3 -1 Switzerland

Well teams its down to the wire.
Who is going to blink first...........

4 wins in a row for the toon and safe from the drop.
Do we now go care free and get thumped or try and get something?

Everton 2-2Toon.

Home win i think
Leicester City 2-1 NUFC

Possibly another match with a few goals in it.
Liverpool 3-1 NUFC
Is the match on??
If it is it will be like the good old days Slam Dunc FC has been invited to T4ts dug out to watch the match.

After a cracking result v Man U, its back to reality.
Dull game i reckon.
 Bournemouth 0-0 NUFC

Iam going to whisper it very quietly. ......... we seem to be on a bit of a run at the minute; unbeaten in 3 games is it?

Newcastle United 1-0 Swansea City

Question 1) Are we going to put out a full team?
Question 2) Do we want to win this game?
Question 3) If the answer to question 1) & 2) is No.
 Who is going to tell the sell out crowd at St James Park?

Newcastle United 2 - 1 Luton Town

For the sake of the long suffering fans please Rafa give it a go,

Well after a good win at West Ham we need to continue with the next miracle,
Not to be completely stuffed by the "unbeatable City"

Nufc 1-1Manchester City.

I believe! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well predictors we are in need of a win, last few results have not been very exciting, more like relegation form; not unusual for NUFC.
Yes just a win would be great.

NUFC 2-2 Watford

Well its got to be a home win surely.

NUFC 4-1 Bournemouth

Mmmm Burnley are making a show of it in the Premiership neck and neck with the Black and Whites. Again tricky to call this one.
Going to be boring.....
Burnley 0-0 NUFC

Well the Palace had a good win last weekend, we should have won last weekend so looks like a good game for us to win & impress potential investors.

Nufc 3 -1 Crystal Palace

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