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 Well then lads it has been a pleasure following NUFC.......sorry just woke up......what a load of tosh.
No really its been your average Toon season.
A bit of worry about relegation.
Then not.
Lots of dreaming about the good old days.
The  waking up;  just like i have now.
Will Rafa be with us next season, who knows.
Slam Dunc definitely 3rd this season as for you two guys,  can someone calculate who won.
Doing a Tooncelona going positive for the last match of the season.
Fulham 1-3Toon.

Liverpool v Tottenham June the 1st, should be a cracker.
Bet its nil nil after extra time then can see that happening

Anyway enjoy the beautiful game

Newcastle v Liverpool always a bit special; with even more eyes watching than normal could ge a belter.
Would "love it" if Liverpool and their mad german coach could win the title.
Alas think the Toon are going to put a spanner in the works.
Toon 2-2 Liverpool.

Going 2-2 was thinking 1-1 but Tooncelona beat me to it.

Yes an inspired victory against Leicester a week ago Friday mrmalaki,  well done.
Toon 3-2 Southampton

Sorry Mrmalaki iam with Tooncelona  on this one; think we are in for a bit of a battering!
Leicester city 4-1 Toon

Gotta be a home win.
Toon 4-1 Crystal Palace

Just looking at the fixture list!, and as you say Tooncelona the Toon  are not happy bunnies away to Arsenal.

Hey 5 pointer!!!

After a superb come back v Everton you would think that the Toon would be on a high.....
But our away form has not been clever.

Bournemouth 2-2 Toon

You still smoking something  mrmalaki?
Toon 4-0 Everton.

Evening men; been a bit naughty and missed the midweek game.
6 points clear of the drop zone; which basically means we are ars 2wins safe.
WestHam ; toughy.

West Ham United 2-2 NuFC

Iam jumping on the Mrmalaki band wagon;  because basically we need to start winning!!!
Wolverhampton Wanderers 1-3Toon.

The Trophy4toon Predictions League 2018/19 / Re: Spurs (February)
« on: February 02, 2019, 08:38:54 am »
Gosh Mrmalaki top of the T4t prediction league and now really going for it!!
This has got to be a home win; surely?

Tottenham Hotspur 2-0 Toon

The Trophy4toon Predictions League 2018/19 / Re: LEAGUE TABLE
« on: February 02, 2019, 08:35:41 am »
What the hell.....i thought i was having a bad season after winning the title last year. That was the season that was.
But this campaign is going badly wrong.
Well not as bad as others i could mention.
Cheers for sorting it all out mrmalaki; makes it all worth while, well not for Slam Dunc FC.

A lot of those Man City players are from sunnier and warmer parts of the plant Earth.

St James Park is in an arctic world of its own.

NUFC 2-2 Manchester City.

They dont like the  snow up them!!!!!

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