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I'm going 2:0 to Newcastle 👍🌲

Hey I'm doing well this season!  I'm going 3:0 to the Toon.

I'm coming in at the last minute with the usual optimism. Toon 2: Man City 1

The Trophy4toon Predictions League 2015/16 / Re: Round 30 - Stoke away
« on: March 02, 2016, 07:13:25 pm »
I'm gonna hold on for a surprise win (again). Toon 1: Stoke 0

I think it's time I started predicting Newcastle wins again. It will be close but the Toon will pull off a surprise 1:0 win.

Come on the Toon. Newcastle 2: Arsenal 1

Usually it goes that I predict the Toon to win all the time and then the one time I predict them to loose, they go and win.  So it's tricky.  Using my female intuition, I think Man U will be overconfident and the Toon will pull off a surprise win.  2: 1 to the Toon.

It could happen.....

Hello again prediction league. I am going to remain positive about the Toon.  I am predicting:

Newcastle 1: Southampton 0

I'm seeing a surprise win for the toon. Newcastle 2: Liverpool 0

I've got to get some points from GeordieHelm. So I'll trump his draw a with 2 : 1 win for the toon. Never mind who stays up, I need to beat my pesky nephew - so come on the toon :)

Oh so you're all behind the Toon this week! Well me too.

Toon 2 Fulham 0

I'm going 2:0 to the Toon.

Come on Newcastle.  Toon 2 Swansea 1

 Well - confidence in the Toon from the other predictors at last! I'm going 2:0 to the Toon.

Ok Legzy I'm with you. I'm late in and spurs have already scored but I'm still going 2:1 Toon :)

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