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Both managers go into this game facing former clubs who sacked them.

West Ham are in good form going into this game and Andy Carroll in particular is in great form having scored 6 of West Hams last 14 goals and assisted two of them too.

Newcastle are not in good form, in fact have completely fallen apart.

With Dubuchy suspended now for the rest of the season there are fitness doubts over Hadeira too so we might be stretched at the back though it's rumoured Coloccini might be ready to return.

We might have a team looking something like this, I'm expecting Ben Arfa on the bench:

Simpson    Stephen Taylor Coloccini  Yanga-Mbiwa
Gouffran      Tiote    Cabaye     Gutierrez


West Ham are in good form at the moment.

Just can't see us getting anything out of this game, or scoring even.

West Ham 3 Newcastle 0

Both attacks lacking bite :)

Liverpool a bit toothless up front :)

Not expecting a lot of goals here and you just go into the match wondering how many sitters Cisse will miss today.

I'm getting weary of Pardew and his strange tactics and mis use of players. If Ben Arfa is 100% fit then he should be building a set up around him and making effective use of our offensive players like Sissoko and Gouffran and leaving Shola on the sofa at home.

Both teams need to win this, particularly with Liverpool looking to overtake Everton and take their Europa League place (heaven knows why they would want to be in that competition)

Lets hope for a good game, live on ESPN at 5:30pm for those that don't have a ticket.

Live on tv at 5:30pm tomorrow. Liverpool without Saurez meaning neither team can score goals now. Nevertheless, how about:

Newcastle 1 Liverpool 1

Just when I thought Pardew had run out of excuses along comes another injury crisis.

Tiote and Marveaux now out, Santon looks like he could be out for the rest of the season and Tim Krul is definately out for the rest of the season.

The big selection call today for me is left back.

Thought playing Gutierrez at left back against Sunderland was effectively exposed by sunderland as they proved why he isn't really a left back by constantly attacking him with Adam Johnson.

For me we need Haidara there.

But West Brom have only won 3 of their last 13 matches so come on, this match is there for the winning.

Expected team:
Debuchy    Stephen Taylor   Yanga-Mbiwa   Haidara
Gouffran      Perch    Cabaye     Gutierrez


Cute horse.

Hilarious !

Barry Rodgerson's side of the story goes something like this:
- he's a real animal lover
- he just stepped out of the Terrace bar and somehow found himself right in the middle of the trouble
- the scarf was over his face to keep the cold off a broken filling
- he panicked when the horse charged at him and just threw a punch at it

I believe Bud is giving his side of the story later today and has hired Max Clifford to handle his new found fame.

Meanwhile 700 animal rights activists are heading up to Morpeth ........

I was acting in self-defence, says drunken fan on disabled benefits who threw punch at a police horse
Unemployed Barry Rogerson drank five pints of beer before he became involved in clashes with police
The Newcastle United fan says he panicked when the horse 'charged' towards him
Rogerson claims his reaction may have been down to the 15 tablets a day he takes for his illness
The 45-year-old, who calls himself an animal lover, has not worked in eight years
PUBLISHED: 23:03, 16 April 2013 | UPDATED: 00:19, 17 April 2013
'I'm an animal lover': Barry Rogerson with his dog who says he panicked when the 'charged' towards him
The man filmed punching a police horse during a football riot claimed yesterday he was acting in self-defence.
Barry Rogerson, 45, who calls himself an animal lover, says he panicked as the horse ‘charged’ towards him.
He says the medication he takes and the fact he had been drinking heavily may have prompted his actions.
With a football scarf over his face, Rogerson was caught on camera throwing a punch at the horse, called Bud, before being tackled by officers and wrestled to the ground during violence after Newcastle United’s match against Sunderland on Sunday.
Despite claiming he is too sick to hold down a job, Rogerson, who is on disability benefits, went to the match – which his team Newcastle lost 3-0 – and drank five pints of beer before becoming involved in clashes with police.
He confessed yesterday that he was the fan who attacked the horse after a picture of him throwing the punch was plastered over the national media.
Speaking from his home in Morpeth, Northumberland, Rogerson said he wanted to apologise to the public – and to Bud – for his rampage.
‘I’m an animal lover. I’ve got three dogs, a fishpond out the back and I feed foxes across the road,’ he said as he posed for pictures with one of his pets, a 15-year-old alsatian cross called Candy.
Rogerson, who was arrested and has been bailed until next month, claims that he threw the punch in ‘panic’ and is now afraid to go out after animal rights activists put comments about him on social media.

The former factory worker has not worked for eight years and claims Ł5,460 a year in disability living allowance and incapacity benefit. He says he suffers from sarcoidosis, an inflammation of the lungs.
‘I can’t even walk up the stairs. Doing anything physical is hard,’ he said – but he was not able to explain why that did not stop him attending the game and getting involved in the violence.

Caught: Barry Rogerson was captured on camera punching Bud the horse in the face
Rogerson claimed he was ‘not aware’ of the riots outside the ground in which three police officers were injured and 29 fans arrested.
He said he had his scarf covering his face to keep the cold off a broken filling in a tooth.
He said: ‘We just came out of the Terrace Bar in St James’ Park, we turned right and I was right in the middle of it.
‘This one particular horse was spooked by a firecracker and charged at me. That’s when I panicked and threw a punch at the horse.

Recovered: Bud the police horse with groom Abigail Collins back at home in the Carr Gate police stables in Yorkshire after he was punched in the face
‘I tried to get him away from me with my left hand and then punched him with my right. It was sheer panic.
‘It was an instant reaction. I did not actually go out to attack a horse. I’d like to apologise to the horse, to the mounted section and to the people of the North East.’
Rogerson claimed his reaction may have been down to the 15 tablets a day he takes for his illness.
He lives in a Ł120,000 semi with his Portuguese wife Teresa, 47, and attended Sunday’s game with nine friends.
His wife, a school supervisor, said: ‘It’s not in his character to do anything like that.
‘I let him out by himself once and look what happens. People on the internet who are writing things about him don’t know him. He wouldn’t hurt a fly.’
Rogerson says he is now living in fear after discovering he had been identified on Facebook and says up to 700 animal rights activists on Twitter are asking for his address.
One Twitter user wrote yesterday: ‘Still can’t get over the fact that some Newcastle scumbag punched a police horse.’ Another raged: ‘Newcastle fan punches horse ******* nasty person!’

Read more:
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I have been amused by the police threatening to arrest anyone who gives a fascist salute to Paulo Di Canio during this game and fully expect the whole ground to be doing that now when he appears.

Meanwhile Alan Pardew has yet to lose a Newcastle v Sunderland derby and Newcastle have won their last 4 home matches while Sunderland have lost their last 4 away matches.

I'm hoping the Sunderland players are worn out by Di Canio's new fitness regime designed to get them running more during matches.

Team selection is pretty straight forward for this match.

Santon and Tiote are still injured, but Steven Taylor and Debuchy are fit apparently.

There is a possiibilty that Pardew might go for the more skillful Anita in place of Tiote but I doubt that very much.

Ben Arfa is also fit but I can't see him starting either. Better to bring him on off the bench second half when everyone is tiring.

Team Pardew will pick tomorrow then:
Debuchy    Stephen Taylor   Yanga-Mbiwa   Haidara
Gouffran      Perch    Cabaye     Gutierrez

Well here we go, after the disappointment of Benfica against a resurgent Sunderland with their new manager in charge. A draw would suite both teams:
Newcastle 1 Sunderland 1

It's a tale of injuries and exclusions.

Debuchy and Gouffran are not eligible.

Steven Taylor is now injured as is Tiote and also Santon.

But James Perch is back along with Haidara and Ben Arfa is also expected on the bench.

We need to score at least two goals here, but as Benfica are likely to score themselves we may need at least 3 goals. A tall order given our recent scoring record.

Likely team:

Simpson Perch  Yanga-Mbiwa   Haidara
                    Anita       Cabaye
Marveaux          Sissoko          Gutierrez

Despite our much lauded January signings and initial burst of points we are still stuck deep in the mire of the relegation battle.

After 4 defeats in our last 6 league matches it's time this team got some points on the board.

Fulham arrive in good form having won their last two league matches and unbeaten in their last 3 away matches. So no easy game here.

Much again for us rests on Cisse, he needs to start putting the chances away, we need some goals from him. 

Team selection for today is a bit tricky as we suffer another Europa league hangover.

Danny Simpson went off injured late on in the Benfica match and is doubtful. Perch also went off injured but hopefully he will be fit to play today.

Debuchy, Haidara and Tiote are definitely out.

Likely team:
Anita   Steven Taylor  Yanga-Mbiwa   Santon
                    Perch       Cabaye
Gouffran           Sissoko          Gutierrez

If we can't beat Fulham then we might as well give up .....

Newcastle 3 Fulham 0

Team is out:

Krul; Simpson, Taylor, Yanga-Mbiwa, Santon; Perch, Cabaye (c); Marveaux, Sissoko, Gutierrez; Cisse

Should suite Pardew's general tactical sense perfectly i.e. sit back for 0-0 draw.

An away goal would be pretty useful though if we want to get to the semi finals.

Much depends on Cisse tonight.

Interesting view on the relegation battle, reckons Sunderland will go down  :)

Villa supporters view on end of season results. here are the remaining fixtures, I wont bother with Reading or QPR because I reckon they have gone:

12th Southampton: Reading(win) West Ham(draw) Swansea(draw) West Brom(draw) Spurs(lose) Sunderland(win) Stoke(draw) Verdict = 10pts from 21 will stay up on 44pts

13th Stoke: Villa(draw) Man Utd(lose) QPR(win) Norwich(win) Sunderland(win) Spurs(lose) Southampton(draw) Verdict = 11pts from 21 will stay up on 45pts

14th Norwich: Swansea(lose) Aresenal(lose) Reading(draw) Stoke(lose) Villa(lose) West Brom(lose) Man City(lose) Verdict = 1pt from 21 will stay up on 35pts

15th Newcastle: Fulham(draw) Sunderland(draw) West Brom(lose) Liverpool(lose) West Ham(draw) QPR(win) Aresenal(lose) Verdict = 6pts from 21 will stay up on 40pts

16th Sunderland: Chelsea(lose) Newcastle(draw) Everton(lose) Villa(lose) Stoke(lose) Southampton(lose) Spurs(lose) Verdict = 1pt from 21 will go down on 31pts

17th Wigan: QPR(win) Man City(lose) West Ham(draw) Spurs(lose) West Brom(lose) Swansea(lose) Arsenal(lose) Villa(draw) Verdict = 7pts from 24 will stay up on 37pts

18th Aston Villa: Stoke(draw) Fulham(draw) Man Utd(lose) Sunderland(win) Norwich(win) Chelsea(lose) Wigan(draw) Verdict = 9pts from 21 will stay up on 39pts

Bit of an injury crisis here then with Santon, Haidara, Debuchy and Tiote all now injured.

We have the second worst away record in the league and Man City have the best defensive record.

Most interest here will be team selection and who Pardew goes with at left back. Once the game starts it might be better to hide under the duvet.

possible team:

Simpson  Steven Taylor  Yanga-Mbiwa   Gutierrez
                    Anita       Cabaye
Gouffran           Sissoko          Marveaux

Can't really see us getting much out of this match:

Man City 3 Newcastle 0

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