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I think it's been a great season. Not always for Newcastle but in general. I think we're now statistically the 14th best team in Europe because clearly the Premier League is the best so...

Anyway, I seem to remember that when there's nothing to play for Newcastle like to go out on a high.

 Well then lads it has been a pleasure following NUFC.......sorry just woke up......what a load of tosh.
No really its been your average Toon season.
A bit of worry about relegation.
Then not.
Lots of dreaming about the good old days.
The  waking up;  just like i have now.
Will Rafa be with us next season, who knows.
Slam Dunc definitely 3rd this season as for you two guys,  can someone calculate who won.
Doing a Tooncelona going positive for the last match of the season.
Fulham 1-3Toon.

Liverpool v Tottenham June the 1st, should be a cracker.
Bet its nil nil after extra time then can see that happening

Anyway enjoy the beautiful game

Let's go out on a high and see if we can edge into that last Champions League spot (it is the top 13 that qualify isn't it?  ;) )

Fulham 1 NUFC 2
Newcastle v Liverpool always a bit special; with even more eyes watching than normal could ge a belter.
Would "love it" if Liverpool and their mad german coach could win the title.
Alas think the Toon are going to put a spanner in the works.
Toon 2-2 Liverpool.
I'm going to the match so I hope you're right Mrmlalaki! I'm going to agree with you on one side of the score at least!

NUFC 0 Liverpool 3

If I thought there was any chance of City dropping points in either of their two remaining matches, and now that we're safe(ly into Europe) I could live with losing this one!
It's a shame that this is gonna hand the title to Man City...

Poetic justice:

Going 2-2 was thinking 1-1 but Tooncelona beat me to it.
We're yet to beat Brighton in the premier League at 4 attempts. In fact we're yet to score against them.

Time to change that.

2-0 top half here we come
Now that we've secured our Champions League position (we have haven't we?), well probably take our foot off the gas!

Brighton 1 NUFC 1
I was tempted to go for 1-1 but all of this optimism is rubbing off ...

Toon 2 Saints 1
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