Premier League club finances


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[1] Who has most debt and the biggest transfer spenders in the Premier League

[2] Your ground is too big for you, who's full and who's not

[3] 29th Nov 2012 - revealed, the financial health of the premier league laid bare

[4] 21st Aug - George Soros buys 2% of Man United

[5] 18th Nov - Man city make Premier League record loss of 194.9 million

[6] Man U top Champions League prize money list

[7] 31st Jan-Chelsea lose 70.9 million, then spend 50 million on Torres

[8] Thurs 11th Nov-Bolton put Cahill up for sale as debts reach 93 million

[9] Fri 22nd Oct-Portsmouth to be dissolved, watch out Man City, Chelsea, Man United


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