Life in the Championship


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[1] Portsmouth to sell out of window?

[2] Sky Sports Predicted Final Championship Table in August

[3] Mon 23rd-Di Matteo attracting Premier League, Ipswich rubbish Keane sacking

[4] Fri 13th Nov - Peterborough's Darragh MacAnthony worse owner than Ashley

[5] Mon 9th Nov - Pressure mounts as Ferguson rumoured to be sacked

[6] Sat 3rd Oct - Keane blasts back at hard up Dwight Yorke

[7] Sun 27th Aug - next manager to go, there is a surprise candidate

[8] Sun 27th Aug - The media get after Keane as the campaign starts to get him out

[9] Sunday 20th Sept - Briatore facing possible exit from QPR


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