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Can you predict the predictions league winner ?

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So here is the latest betting:

DuraKaN - 2/1 fav
A cold clinical predictor but might become unstuck if the Messiah produces some miracular results

old bloke - 3/1
wise old head, not taken in by Messiah promises

Slam Dunc - 5/1
Too many predictions phoned in from the pub with alcohol fueled enthusiasm

mrmalaki - 3/1
A canny predictor but too often fails to supress the blind optimism gifted to many Newcastle fans

Oba fan - 7/2
Shrewd operator but badly lost the plot at Liverpool. Needs a quick recovery to restore credibility

hooperman - 5/2
Closet Newcastle fan often seen around QPR. This broader view of life keeps his predictions well balanced.

Mr.T - 11/2 out of the running
Obsession with seeing Newcastle lose has shot him up the table of late. Could come unstuck if the Toon go on a glory run and pull clear of relegation

trophy4toon - 10/1 out of the running
Our hapless chairman tainted by many years of false hope and living in constant denial that Newcastle are actually hopeless

Avram Grant - 20/1 out of the running
Belies his gloomy reputation with his laugh a minute approach. However, rather like his Chelsea team, can't seem to focus when it matters. (By the way, anyone can beat West Ham 4-0)

Outdoor Girl - 100/1 out of the running
Proof that following Newcastle is a man's game and definately not for the feint hearted       

If it helps your prediction, here are the monthly award winners:

August - DuraKaN, Oba Fan, Old bloke
September - hooperman
October - Stantos, mrmalaki
November - Slam Dunc
December - Trophy4toon
January - Mr.T
February - Mr.T
March - DuraKaN
April - hooperman

 :o  :o  :o

And for any new entrants wanting to join for the final run in we'll use the Malaki formula but only counting the current 10 active predictors.

Would give you a starting point of 23.

OK you might not win but might pick up some predictor of the month street cred

 ;D  ;D  ;D


Did I not get awarded the October MotM due to the change of rules occuring? or did that only count on following months?


--- Quote from: mrmalaki on March 12, 2008, 02:04:06 am ---Did I not get awarded the October MotM due to the change of rules occuring? or did that only count on following months?

--- End quote ---

Err.... I've got an idea! You both won! Yay!


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