Author Topic: At what point do the FA intervene with a "fit and proper owner" test on Ashley  (Read 1265 times)

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I just wonder at what point those that rule the game i.e. the FA might look at the Newcastle situation.

Given the scenario:
- owner comes in and buys one of the country top clubs with the 3rd biggest attendence in the Worlds best league
- the club is then asset stripped with all players sold and anything else of any value got rid of
- the owner displays increasingly (as described in the Daily Mail yesterday) "eccentric behaviour"

Should the FA not be having an enquiry into this at least, firing a warning shot, bringing in some new rules.

After all, what is to stop anyone then borrowing lots of money to buy one of the top Premier League clubs e.g. Liverpool and then selling all it's players and pocketing the money and destroying the club.

Effectively what Ashley is doing.

Should our governing body not be regulating the management of our football clubs somewhat like the FSA tries do to in Financial Services for example with a set of principles and guidelines  ???  ??? 

Personally I think the Newcastle situation is worrying for the whole of Football, not just Newcastle United.
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