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Sunday 20th Sept - Briatore facing possible exit from QPR



Had Briatore been banned by Formula 1 instaed of resigning he would have been automatically banned from being Chairman of QPR. As such he still faces enquiries into being a fit and proper person.

So the colourful reign at QPR is under a bit of scrutiny.   

--- Quote ---Flavio Briatore may not dodge QPR exit if race-fixing plot details are divulged
By Mail On Sunday Reporter
Last updated at 10:34 PM on 19th September 2009
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Flavio Briatore's reign as chairman of QPR could come to an abrupt end even though
the World Motor Sport Council cannot ban him from Formula One tomorrow after his
resignation from Renault.
It followed revelations that his team ordered Nelson Piquet Jnr to crash his car at the Singapore Grand Prix.

If the WMSC produce full disclosure of how the race-fixing plot came into being, and if that provides damning evidence against Briatore, his role as a fit and proper person to be a Football League director will be scrutinised at next month’s Football League board meeting.
Briatore would have been automatically disqualified and required to sell his majority shareholding in the club had he been banned from Formula One.
This would have been the likely outcome had he not pre-empted the decision by resigning.

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--- End quote ---

I am no apologist for the 'flamboyant' (for which read 'vile') Flavio, but there is litttle doubt his lawyers will tear any so-called ban apart.

Certainly there is no shortage of evidence that Piquet crashed deliberately, and a substantial case to be made that it was part of a conspiracy to fix the Singapore race, however the only 'proof' that Flavio ordered the action is Piquet's word against his, in an office with the only other person present being Flavio's best mate...

Ok, we all know he did it. He's a nasty piece of work. He's messing up my club in ways that make me think the days of bucket collections on the gate and a side full of French second division players weren't really that bad after all.

But a whole load of supposition and inference by racing stewards is not evidence, and any judge would throw this out of a court in the blink of an eye (not of course that Bernie and his mates want this anywhere near a court of law...).

Expect an appeal and some sort of 'voluntary' short-term 'suspension' as soon as the storm has settled down.

Just my personal view - anything to avoid Flavio devoting his attention 'full-time' to the Loftus Road 'project', please Lord.


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