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Round 39: Portsmouth (a) 12/04/08

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Portsmouth have been going well recently and even have a cup final to look forward to, but will their midweek game at West Ham weigh heavy on the legs?

I'm not sure about this at all, so I'm going to hang on until Tuesday night.

Hmm... This match could go many ways. I'll be bold and predict an emphatic 3-1 Newcastle win. Why not?

Think this could be a cracking match but notice Portsmouth were 'resting a few players in their win at West Ham. Also Jermaine Defoe will be back.

Tricky one, could be a few goals, we want revenge for the stuffing at St James'

Portsmouth 2 Newcastle 3

Oba fan:
Well still think we're on a roll and not fooled by the victory at West Ham. Saw some of the highlights, don't think either team turned up and the fans looked bored senseless.

Defoe is a bit of a worry, not in the Cup Final team, trying to impress Capello, probably fancies it against our defence. We also need to watch out for that cheating Baros diving and handling, if he's fit.

Think we'll steamroller them though:

Portsmouth 1 Newcastle 2

Owen and Martins both to continue their goal run with 1 goal each.  ;D  ;D 

old bloke:
A tricky one to call. I too was not fooled by the West Ham win, it was not exactly a do or die battle by two teams fighting to victoriously march forward.

Who wants this the most, Newcastle want it badly, Portsmouth want to remain injury free for their cup final. They could get fifth place in the league but doubt their minds are on that.

So another Toon win for me, the Messiah bags 4 wins in a row  ::)  ::)  ::)

Portsmouth 0 Newcastle 2

Note the clean sheet, no penalties for Defoe gained by the cheating Baros as I think he's injured and won't be risked, they've a cup final looming  ;D 

err, hmm, yes, interesting preview to this match:

As Portsmouth cheat there way to the FA Cup Final the Messiah's holy army arrive at Fratton Park.
Baros rested to keep the spring in his legs for those dives into the penalty area and keep his arms rested for the handball he likes to play.
Portsmouth with their minds on only one thing "how can we cheat our way through another rubbish performance against Cardiff in the final", Tony Adams in charge of tactics for that one.
The Toon have thoughts of 4 succesive wins and a Champions League place, or have they left their run too late ?


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