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Fri 13th Nov - Peterborough's Darragh MacAnthony worse owner than Ashley



First of all he reckons he does not want a 60 year old manager, so that rules out Ancellotti, Ferguson and Wenger already then.

He's got a 5-7 year plan to get into the Premier League, well we can all plan, currently he's bottom of the Championship.

He reckons it's obvious why they keep losing, maybe but not so easy to fix then.

This great Chairman however has already been turned down by his preferred candidate, the low profile but nevertheless young Bournemouth boss Eddie Howe.

--- Quote ---He said: 'I want it done and dusted in the next few days. We have had over 200 applicants already and managers who are at clubs in the Championship have sent
in their CVs to me already.

'The new man won't be 60. I have a profile of who I am after and a policy of bringing in youth and it is a policy I will continue with.
'The criteria is someone who can lead us to a top-12 finish and who can sort us out defensively. If we get it right at the back then we can have a hell of a season.

'We had a five to seven year plan to get into the Premier League and the back-to-back promotions were part of that but we didn't expect to be where we are now, at the bottom of the league. We are better than that.
'I hate it when we make the same mistakes twice and we have done it over and over again this season.

'We have the players to succeed here. We may need a few tweaks here and there, yes the new manager may need to bring in a few but we are conceding two goals a game and it is not rocket science to see why we are struggling.
'Some of the players have lost their confidence, that was evident against Newcastle and we want them to know that we believe in them.'
Ferguson's departure came after a 48-hour period of speculation and MacAnthony
apologised for the manner in which the affair was handled.
He said: 'When we agreed to part lawyers got involved and that is why there was the hold up for 48 hours. It was unnecessary but that is why we couldn't release a statement. I apologise to the fans as that was unprofessional.

'But there was no panic going on. I would have loved for Darren to lead us up, we handed him a four-year contract in the summer but it wasn't working out and we are bottom of the league.'

He said: 'Leicester were nearly pipped to the League One title by us last year and they spent the same money as us in the summer but they are in the top six and we are bottom. They started as we should have started this season.
'So that is why we need a new manager. It worked for Barnsley and it will work for us.'

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--- End quote ---

and a few more names he's after to replace Ferguson.

Chris Wilder of Oxford United apparently is the second manager to turn the job down. Other contenders include Brentford’s Andy Scott, 37, Torquay United’s Paul Buckle, 38, and Kettering Town’s Mark Cooper, 40. All young men but also one other feature being they are all cheap.
Because word on the street was that Daren Ferguson was the lowest paid manager in the Championship.

It's actually very easy to run a successfull football club, just these guys don't understand and know nothing about football.

All these multi millionaire owners need to do is invest heavily in a top manager, give him a budget to buy players then stay in the background and let him get on with it.

It's just the ego's of these blokes will not allow that to happen  ::)  ::)

--- Quote ---Peterbrough United seek fresh face to replace Darren FergusonBy Sportsmail Reporter
Last updated at 1:57 AM on 13th November 2009
Comments (0) Add to My Stories  Contender: Brentford manager Andy Scott
Peterborough United chairman Darragh MacAnthony, 33, insists he knows the profile of the man he wants to take over from Darren Ferguson.

‘It won’t be a 60-year-old as I don’t want someone who is set in their ways,’ he said. ‘I want someone who is responsive to new ideas, inspirational and can sort our defence out.’
Brentford’s Andy Scott, 37, Torquay United’s Paul Buckle, 38, and Kettering Town’s Mark Cooper, 40, are in the frame.

Oxford United have turned down an ‘unofficial approach’ for their manager Chris Wilder while former Newcastle assistant John Carver has confirmed his interest.
Former Dundalk manager Sean Connor has emerged as a potential candidate for the manager’s job at Tranmere Rovers following John Barnes’s sacking.

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--- End quote ---

old bloke:
The really great thing about football is that the best team generally wins and the worst team gets relegated. There is no hiding from that.

These guys choose managers like we'd choose a sweater in M&S i.e. whats the latest fashion.

He wants it done and dusted in the next few days, well he's missed that deadline already.

Fools and league points are easily parted  ;D  ;D 

old bloke:
oh, and if he's ruling out over 60's thats Fabio Capello (aged 63) and Roy Hodgson (aged 62) also ruled out then.

Too set in their ways, ha ha ha ha.

What a fool, maybe your right John, we don't have the stupidist owner in the Championship.

Maybe we have a new thread here:

Who is the stupidist owner in the Championship  ???  ???


Your age is getting the better of you Old Bloke, you need to keep up  ;)

He's hit his deadline, new manager is Mark Cooper, currently managing Kettering Town.

Good luck to him, I suspect his main qualification for the job was his willingness to accept both the low salary on offer and the barmy owner. One of the older candidates mind, he's over 40.

Whatever happened to the "finished at 40" rule  ;D  ;D

--- Quote ---Cooper agrees Posh deal
Three-and-a-half-year contract settled in principle
Last updated: 13th November 2009   
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Cooper: Set for London Road

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Kettering Town boss Mark Cooper has agreed in principle a three-and-a-half-year deal to become the new manager of Peterborough United.

Struggling Championship outfit Posh have been on the hunt for a new chief since parting company with Darren Ferguson earlier in the week by 'mutual consent'.

Bournemouth manager Eddie Howe emerged as Peterborough's first target, but he rejected the opportunity to move to London Road.

Posh therefore turned their attention to other candidates and Cooper has emerged as the best qualified, with Kettering chairman Imraan Ladak agreeing to allow his man to leave.

Cooper will remain in charge of Kettering for Saturday's Blue Square Premier fixture against Cambridge United, but he is then set to take over at Peterborough.

The 40-year-old has yet to sign a deal, but the contract has been agreed and he is expected to start his new job on Monday.

--- End quote ---,19528,11688_5693400,00.html


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