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Round 40: Sunderland (h) 20/04/08

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Sunderland make the short journey to St. James' Park next week for the biggest game left in our calendar this season. With just four games to go, it could also be a crucial fixture in the Predictions League as well, with old bloke and Slam Dunc closing in on first place and several others looking for big points to ignite their title challenge.

Sunderland's away record has been poor this season and Newcastle have shot up to 5th in the form table (or joint top, if you only look at the last 4 games), but I think it's safe to say that such trivial things as statistics can be thrown out of the window for derby games.

So, to the predictions... Both teams will be up for it, but I think our undoubtedly superior quality will win the day in the end. I'll go for 2-0 Newcastle.

I'm quite tempted to go with the same result as we've had in other derby games (draws) But i think Newcastle have a bit of confidence back and have a squad that should be beating Sunderland every day of the week

Newcastle 3 - 1 Sunderland

Yes my predictions have been persistently poor all season and I have no chance of winning.

I think Sunderland probably want this win more than Newcastle but Newcastle have the better quality in the team.

So I'm going for:
Newcastle 1 Sunderland 1.

Given my prediction record this pretty much ensures the game won't end in a draw!! 

this can only end one way (or three ways, if you count the draw and a defeat - doh, who would be a football pundit) and that is with the King Kev resurrection bandwagon wheels firmly back on (ah - now red top journalism I CAN do) courtesy of a 2-0 Newcastle win.

Can you hear that you Prediction League leaders - that is the last sound you hear behind you before you find you've finished second....

And now I have worn out my y, o and u keys.

The Too Young To Know Any Better One:
My predictions in this competition seem to be as successful as my tactics and substitutions in recent times but I plow on regardless. I see this as a comfortable home win, 3-0, which will only give hope to the travelling Sunderland support I imagine.



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