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Round 41: West Ham (a) 26/04/08

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It's crunch time in the Prediction League as West Ham host the Toon in Round 41 of 43.

West Ham have been in indifferent form of late - perhaps a consequence of having nothing to play for for a long time - and even struggled to beat Derby yesterday. Meanwhile, Newcastle are riding high on the back of a derby victory and looking like they still want to win matches regardless of their import.

The way I see it, West Ham have filled their team with Newcastle rejects and are now paying the price in terms of medical bills. Kevin Keegan is a motivator, and a pretty damn good one, so Newcastle will most likely want it more. There is definitely potential for a dyer 0-0 draw, but I'm going to predict another 2-0 victory to us.

A good opportunity here to run the rule over West Hams overpaid stars which they are about to get rid of in the summer. See:

West Ham are a club in crisis, owners going bankrupt, players know they are being kicked out, manager getting barricked by fans 'no charisma' Curbishley.

Meanwhile Newcastle are desparate to win all 3 remaining games and finish on a real high.

A walk in the park here for us:

West Ham 0 Newcastle 3

Not convinced we will keep a clean sheet but three points and a possible jump above spurs (as bolton - a team that need to win - travel to 3 point lane) is on the cards

3-1 to the Black and White Army!

[edit: forgot to put the score on... whoops]

Missing, presumed lost: the entire West Ham United first team. Last seen some time in January, leaving for their summer holidays.

Not exactly set the world ablaze since beating Man Utd and given a fair old game by Derby, I can't see the thuggish slackers putting up much resistance, in fact 0-4 seems pretty much what Alan Curbishley has in mind when he talks about 'getting a result'.

Even though there is no bonus point for the bolder prediction, I go for the 0-4 (and I'll settle for a karma point)

The Too Young To Know Any Better One:
I get a prediction right and still no credit. It's because I am from a little country I am sure of it.

Not too much to play for in this match so I see a 1-1 draw ensuing.



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