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Round 42: Chelsea (h) 05/05/08

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Just putting this one in early, because I'm going to be internet-less for a few days.

Bank Holiday Monday brings Chelsea to St. James's Park for a game that could mean nothing or everything (to them). I don't think I need to recap Chelsea's recent form... let's just say they've won a few games, if not as many as they'd like.

There's a lot of drama to unfold between now and kick-off, so I'm going to cautiously predict 2-0 Chelsea, reserving the right to change my prediction later next week...

Well, I'm not involved in the race for our predictor title so I can relax on this key match.

I think Newcastle have been getting steadily worse having played the same team for the last 7 matches. Now they come up against the steam roller of Chelsea needing to win.

I can't really see our midfield coping with the tremendous work rate and pressure Chelsea will put them under. I also hope Faye is back to muscle out Drogba.

Not at all hopefull and hope I'm wrong:

Newcastle 0 Chelsea 3    

Seeing as I've played once all season, I feel compelled to have another go.

I think we'll get more containment from the middle of the park than expected with Geremi being as static as he is and not leaving a defensive position. The idea will likely be to try one of those quick balls out to Martins who I'd fancy against their right back to hit them on the counter attack. I'm not sure about deploying Viduka to trouble their centre halves, but his stationary antics may work against Chelsea, keeping Terry and Carvalho as deep and central as possible to allow a bit more space in advance areas for Michael Owen to arrive.

I'm going to go for 1-1 as I feel Chelsea are struggling in the striking department and will be relying too heavily on their midfield to provide the goals.

old bloke:
Well, I'm in with a good chance of catching DuraKan but want to see how Chelsea do in an hours time against Liverpool before playing my hand.

I reckon if Chelsea lose tonight then all hell could break loose in that dressing room between Drogba and anyone/everyone else and we'd have a good chance on Monday against them.

If they win tonight then they'll be up for snatching the title as well and beat us.

So, my prediction will come later.

 :-X  :-X

I think Chelsea coming up full of confidence will not help us. Although they do stuggle up here. They may stuggle. The atmosphere will be a good one, last home game of the and that. I reckon a 1-0 win to Newcastle, Owen with the goal.


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