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Round 43: Everton (a) 11/05/08 - FINAL ROUND

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Well, it's been a long, arduous journey but here we are at the end of another season - and once again we're eager for it to end and the next one to begin.

Everton are the team with the privilege of hosting our final game this year. They'll be looking to cement their place in the UEFA Cup (assuming they don't get anything from Arsenal), whilst we have nothing but pride to play for, which has proven in some teams (West Ham) to be a pretty poor motivator.

Other results may change my prediction, but for now I'm going to predict a 1-0 home win for Everton.

Slam Dunc:
Its gonna b a boring nil nil draw and i will be the champion of the!!!!!!!!!!

2-1 away win for newcastle!

As mrmalaki has pointed out, whilst DuraKaN might be the overall winner there is an honorary victory to be won here.

We've decided to call this the "If only I'd remembered to get my predictions in every week I would have won" award, as mrmalaki says, the equivalent of the Inter Toto cup. All based upon ratio of points to number of predictions.

Good luck, I'm pretty certain I won't be winning this one either.

--- Quote ---In the style of the much loved Jeremy Clarkson - I have been searching through the data to prove that infact I can win this competition... And, as he does every episode of Top Gear, I have cracked it!

Simple really - points per prediction!

take my word for it as it stands:
if i get 0 or 1 then I can't win...
if i were to score 2 points and hooperman, DuraKaN and Slam Dunc would all have to score 1 to beat me
if i get 3 points then hooperman would also need 3, DuraKaN and Slam Dunc would need 2
if i get 4 points then hooperman and DuraKaN would need 4 points also where as Slam Dunc would win with 3 ppints
if i were to get the full 5 then they would have to match this feat (except Slam Dunc who would need 4 points)

So basically if i do better than those 3 I may well of won the thing  (in my mind anyway)
--- End quote ---

I thought Newcastle did ok against Chelsea though I hear Mark Viduka may be out for 3 to 6 months so we've got problems up front.

Even so, Everton are in a bad run and can't score.

It's end of season, tired players, dull draw:

Everton 0 Newcastle 0


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