Author Topic: Newcastle 0 Chelsea 2 - Monday 6th May  (Read 2259 times)

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Newcastle 0 Chelsea 2 - Monday 6th May
« on: May 05, 2008, 06:33:25 pm »
The fragility of the Newcastle United situation was all too apparent as this game went on. We basically have 11 first team players almost all indispensible with little cover on the bench.

After a promising first half where Newcastle had the better chances off went Viduka and along with him our outlet from defence to hold the ball up. Smith came on and I did not see him win one ball played to him up front. As a result Newcastle were bombarded constantly and unable to get the ball away or keep any possesion whatsoever.

Keegan then switched Smith and Martins playing Martins in the front role but that had no effect at all.

After Ballacks goal and Chelsea's substitution of Lampard for Anelka, Newcastle gained a foothold in the game once more creating another chance for Michael Owen however the more substitutions thet were made by Keegan the poorer we became.

Duff on for Geremi and a move to 4-4-2 just showed how little Danien Duff can contribute at this level. He can't beat a man anymore and just plays quick one two's down the left going basically no where.

Then the arrival of N'Zogbia for Enrique just unbalanced the defence as large gaps started appearing down our left side.

To be fair we were playing one of the best teams in Europe today and when they upped their game at the start of the second half their class showed.

However we did creat 3 good chances for Michael Owen and on another day this could have been different had 1 or 2 of those went in.

But the basic situation is that we need the 4 or 5 additional players Keegan talks about to give us options and back up.

One player who impressed me today against the best in Europe was actually Jose Enrique who does a lot of good things without really getting noticed. In particular he covers well across the back four and is often seen over on the right cutting out break throughs. His distribution also was good and he is gaining in confidence as a Premier League defender. Whilst Keegan has said a few times he wants to sign a left back personally I think their are higher priorities in the team than strengthening this area.

Also the defence today played collectively as a unit very well, so again another area of the team that can probably get by with is centre half for now.

The money really needs to be spent in midfield and one of the most important and urgent of all is a more reliable outlet up front than Viduka to enable us to keep posession when under pressure.

We have an answer to this in our striker topic, an experienced, international, Premier League player who is excellent at holding and playing other players in, and he's currently available at a reasonable price:
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Re: Newcastle 0 Chelsea 2 - Monday 6th May
« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2008, 09:42:10 pm »
Sorry, I've not got round to writing a proper match report yet. I do however have photos. The quality may not be so good as I was using an Apple iPhone which has a rather simple 2 megapixel camera without flash but I've taken over 100 photos today and thought it would be worth sharing them with everyone.

ps. I'm the ugly looking one holding the trophy thing  ;D

If you guys can't see the pictures at that link then please tell me and I'll sort it out.

Match report to follow...
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