Author Topic: Tues 31st Aug-Slaughtering the local reserve team comes at cost of a goalkeeper  (Read 4909 times)

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Well Matt is off to University in 3 weeks but he is still keeping connected with the team.

They were a young U18 team last season and only Matt and 1 other are over age this season. So pretty much the same team as last season with Matt helping out at training and coaching etc.

So all very good and tonight they had a friendly against the local town reserve team at their stadium under the floodlights. The opposition were big blokes expecting a significant win against our junior team and no doubt anxious to impress the first team manager.

The ref was a nice chap but about 70, but he made the linesman for them look quite sprightly as he must have been about 80. We had to supply a linesman but I kept in the background, I've done my stint now and happy to just watch from the dugout.

It's good to have dugout's I feel, it makes you feel like you are playing proper football.

Our lads played a blinder though and by half way through the second half we were 3-0 up and outplaying the mens team. Retribution was just around the corner for our young lads though. As the aggression from them ratcheted up and the tackles became more and more dangerous there was a penalty appeal against our goalkeeper which the referee turned down.

Their bloke then turned to our goalkeeper and said "I'm going to do you for that".Very nice !!

Sadly 5 minutes later he did. As our young keeper came for the next ball in he caught it and this lad just launched in 2 footed straight into him. Fortuneately his studs just caught him on the hip so nothing broken but he had to be carried off the pitch and could not walk afterwards.

Strangely the referee declared that it would be a straight red card if it was a league match but as it was a friendly the lad should just be removed from the pitch. Personally I thought a straight red, 50 fine and a month ban was very appropriate.

Anyway, their manager apologised after the game and the ref came up to us after the game and said what a great team the lads are and a pleasure to referee as the lads just took the kicking and fouling without complaint and got on with the game.

Well err yes, we had plenty of practice doing that last season in the U18 thugs league we played in.

So all looking good for the boys next season. A year older and physically stronger I think the boys have a chance of winning the Cup and the League this year. Can't imagine a much better U18 team in the county than they are at the moment.

But they have to get their goalkeeper fit first I guess.

I'll no doubt go along and watch a few of their games with Matt so will keep you posted.

Worth a mention about the clubhouse on our home pitch though. Burned down by vandals last September and we went all season last season without any facilities. Good news after 12 months the insurance clearance and Local Council approval is through. Work has now actually started at last and it should be finished by Christmas. Well only 18 months without facilities then. Welcome to junior football !! 


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