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The Trophy4Toon Prediction League 2007/08 Summary!


In this post, I will be handing out a couple of awards, but if anyone else has any ideas then feel free to create your own awards too, although I'd prefer it if they were objective rather than subjective (I can just imagine Mr. T awarding himself 'Most Badass Predictor').

Let's get the first one out of the way...

The Trophy4Toon Prediction League Champion: DuraKaN!

Obviously, this award is for scoring the most points over the whole campaign. After a slow start (I was as low as 5th at one point :o) I managed to get my act together and storm up the league table. The final results are below:

The "If Only I'd Remembered To Put My Predictions In Every Week" Award: Hooperman

Congratulations to hooperman, who finishes with the highest number of points per prediction. Arguably, the rightful winner of this award is Stantos, but as he predicted only 8 games and hasn't been seen since around October, I didn't feel as though he could be credited with it.

This was worked out by simply dividing the number of points by the number of predictions. Out of interest, this is how everybody did:

The Predictor of the Month Awards:

Below is a list of our glorious monthly champions!

August - DuraKaN, Oba Fan, Old bloke
September - hooperman
October - Stantos, mrmalaki
November - Slam Dunc
December - Trophy4toon
January - Mr.T
February - Mr.T
March - DuraKaN
April - hooperman
May - DuraKaN

And finally, my congratulations to everyone for participating. I hope you all have better luck next year. 8)

I can only second DuraKaN's congratulations for everyone in what has been a traumatic season and a huge thank you to DuraKaN for running it for us.

As regards Stantos I would say his 8 predictions occured during those balmy early season days when the Allardyce revolution was looking great mainly against what turned out to be lower half opposition until we had the cold shower of the defeat at Derby. The going got a lot tougher for us predictors after that.

As for myself, well if I can only say that optimism and desperation to see Newcastle win something in my lifetime frequently clouds my judgement. Also big bets on us beating Bolton and Middlesbrough post Keegan with my Sky Bet account drained that badly also. Obviously I'm good at predicting December matches though.

So well done everyone and I'm currently trying to persuade DuraKaN that it is good use of his time to run this for us again next year  :P  :P  :P 

That reminds me... I forgot our most prestigious prize!

His total of 42 games predicted is second only to my tally of 43, and yet he somehow managed to finish a massive 32 points off the lead. At 0.98, his points per prediction ratio is the lowest of all the regular predictors, and also means that on average he scored less than one point each round. In April, he did what many thought was impossible by predicting every single match for the whole month and earning a grand total of 0 points. Yes, it is without hesitation that I present this final award to our most special predictor...

Moron of the Year: Trophy4toon

Oh, and by the way, what's my prize? 8)

Thats a bit harsh DuraKaN, it's not my fault Newcastle don't win as often as I dream they would and since when did overly optimistic predictions make me a moran.

I've arranged the first prize for you with one of the players.

It's a night out in Liverpool with Joey Barton on June 12th, can you make it  ???  ???


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