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The rules for this competition are quite simple. All you need to play this game is a registered forum account, and the ability to think.

The concept is that you predict the scoreline for each of our Premier League, Carling Cup and FA Cup games. For each fixture, a new thread will be created for you to state what you think the outcome will be. Naturally, there are a few rules, which I have listed below:

* 2 points are awarded for predicting the win, draw or loss correctly. A further point is awarded if one half of the scoreline is correct. Should you get both halves of the scoreline right, you would receive 2 points for the win/loss/draw, 2 points for both sides of the scoreline, and a further bonus of 1 point for predicting the match exactly. Also, if you fail to predict the win/loss/draw, but still get one side of the scoreline correct, you receive 1 point.
* You can change your prediction by editing your post in the corresponding thread at any time before kick-off. Anyone who alters their prediction after kick-off will be disqualified from that round.
* There will be a monthly league in addition to the full-season one, to encourage people to join in partway through. Incidentally...
* Anyone joining partway through will be awarded the number of point accrued by the person bottom of the table at that point, and can of course still win the monthly competitions even if it's too late for the main one.
* In the league table, participants are listed in order of points scored, then by the number of predictions (people with more predictions take precedence), and then by alphabetical order, although this is considered to be a tie
In order to enter, simply make a prediction and as long as I don't go momentarily blind, you will be included in the next league table, which I intend to update after each match.

There may be some sort of prize, but don't hold your breath, this is just meant to be a bit of fun (but if one of our administrators wins, then there almost certainly will be a prize). ;)

Finally, if you wish to make a prediction in advance because of a holiday or something and I have not created the thread for that game yet, you are welcome to send your prediction to me via private message.

Anyway, that's all I can think of for now. Please post any queries below.

How about we predict the scores as well and get points if we get the right scores of either team. Then we'd get more points  :P

Yes, the current structure could lead to a number of people being on the same number of points for quite some time.

I'll add into the rules above that you now have to predict the scoreline as well. Let's say 1 point for each half of the scoreline you get correct, then a bonus point for getting it spot on.

For example, I predict that Newcastle will beat Aston Villa next week 18-0. However, Newcastle somehow concede a goal, winning 18-1. Because I got one side of the scoreline correct, I receive 1 point. If Newcastle do indeed win 18-0, then I get 3 points - one for each side of the scoreline, and a bonus point.

Obviously, if you don't get either side of the scoreline right, but still predict the win/loss/draw, then you get 2 points for that. Also, if you predict a 2-0 win and we lose 2-3, you still get a point for the scoreline.

Edit: By the way, points for the Bolton game will be awarded as per the rules at the time, meaning that anyone who predicted a win will receive 2 points.

I'd also like to point out that I've changed the rule for new participants so that they start with the same number of points as the person at the bottom, rather than the average points of the whole league (I decided it would be unfair if you play for 8 months, then someone joins for the final month and automatically leaps 20 points ahead of you).

Just to keep it simple for everyone:
2 points for the result, 1 point for each teams goals scored correct and 1 bonus point for getting the match score exactly right. i.e. get the score exactly right and you get 5 points.

Your rule for new joiners won't work, if someone joins, only ever bothers with 1 prediction and gets it wrong and remains bottom of the table with 0 points, then all new joiners start with zero points  :'(
Or someone could have 2 entries making rubbish predictions for 1 to keep new joiners at the bottom  ;)

Any ideas from the new joiners  ???

How about new joiners get the average points score of the regular predictors, give new people some incentive to join  8)   


--- Quote from: trophy4toon on August 22, 2007, 12:01:03 pm ---How about new joiners get the average points score of the regular predictors, give new people some incentive to join  8)   

--- End quote ---

But then we're back to the original problem of people jumping ahead of you without doing anything. And how would you define a regular predictor?

I did think of this problem, but I don't know how to solve it.


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