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The League Table

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Attached is the Round 1 table - simply click on it to see it more clearly. You will notice 4 columns, listing the position of each competitor, the number of predictions made, and the number of points scored. If points are the same, the person with the least predictions goes ahead. If both points and predictions are the same, then it's a tie for the place.

Note that the table below is incorrect. The top 3 should be =1 position, and the bottom 2 should be =4. This is because I'd already taken the screenshot before I noticed, and I am lazy. I like this table better though, because I am top.

Oba fan:
Well I click on it and get a tiny version, then I have to click on the actual table to increase it soI can read it.
You can only see it when your registered then ??

Yes, that sounds quite normal, and it would make sense that you can't view an attachment unless you're registered and logged in. Basically, just keep clicking on the damn thing until it won't go any bigger.

and on what basis have you put yourself top of the first table then, do I see alphabetical order creeping in

Yes, it was alphabetical, but if I'd ranked us by awesomeness, I'd still be on top. Once again, I forgot to alter the positions to say =? in the league table's screenshot, but I trust in your mathematical prowess to realise whether or not you're level with someone.


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