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Winter Break
« on: January 16, 2011, 01:20:59 am »
This forum has gone quiet not due to my lack of commitment in posting but due to the lack of football to post about. Two games into the season and the weather basically ended the league. 6-a-side faired a little better as we made 7 games before the rain, snow and ice halted proceedings. Unfortunately due to majority of teams in both leagues being filled by university students there isn't a great deal of opportunity for moving fixtures to alternative times. Students currently have exams which means that teams are unwilling to play fixtures at the moment and in the next two weeks many will depart before the next semester of teaching begins at the start of February.

The pitches surround the Sports Centre area and today was the first chance I've had to get a look at them in the light since the snow and ice has melted. The problem now is that all the pitches are waterlogged and the ground-staff, who admittedly are very good, won't even consider play on the grass surfaces. Sadly the astro surface hasn't faired much better. Water covers a large chunk of the third pitch and when the temperature drops at night the whole surface is freezing making it like playing on concrete. We had a go on it last Thursday in a friendly kick about with another team and it really was unplayable.

I'm actually a little curious as to how they intend to solve the problem of playing out the remaining fixtures. The last two years we have been asked to pay upfront for all league fixtures as opposed to paying on a weekly basis. While I agree that this is the best method of getting teams to commit to turning up and playing fixtures it does pose a problem when the weather intervenes. The strict schedule also means that the upcoming season looks like it will be shortened somewhat if the current season is ever to be finished.