Author Topic: 6th Feb-Clattenburg exposes the farce over penalties in Tottenham v Bolton  (Read 1573 times)

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My pet regular rant on penalties then.

The rules state that the players cannot enter the box before the kick is taken and the keeper has to stay on his line.

Both these rules are flagrantly ignored by the players and in most cases the referee too.

There was little difference between the 2 penalties at Tottenham yesterday but Clattenburg allowed the first and disallowed the second which Tottenham subsequently missed.

Watching goals on sunday this morning they have Graeme Souness in the chair whose view is that everybody encroaches so thats ok. Typical view of ex player and what an old fashioned dinosaur he is.

Also take a look at the Carlos Tevez penalties for Man City and you will see the West Brom keeper racing off his line as Tevez is coming in to take it.

The rules are ignored by the players and inconsistently applied by the referees.

Not a good position to be in for the great global game I would suggest !!