Author Topic: Game 15: vs Basildon Athletic  (Read 4461 times)

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Game 15: vs Basildon Athletic
« on: December 03, 2011, 06:34:16 pm »
Last time we played this team we had a dodgy keeper and lost 10-2...needless to say we were pretty sure that this game couldn't be any worse than that.

We probably had the strongest squad I can remember available to us. 6 defenders available, our first choice keeper back for his first game since badly injuring his foot and some players that are normally asked to play defensively were then able to play in their preferred positions.

We were playing a bizzare 4-2-2-1-1 formation which eventually turned in to 4-2-4 due to our starting wide players laziness and inability to understand the importance of getting back and helping their fullbacks (take a lesson from Jonas kids)

In the first half we were by far the better team, but lacked clear cut chances. We were limited to 1 bicycle kick, and 2 one on one with the keeper (one which the player went round the keeper only to be taken down but the ref "couldn't see it" - if he had he would have had to send the keeper off) and the other 2 minutes later where the same player went through and hesitated cos of what happened the first time. Still better than the other teams one shot which was deflected away for a corner.

Our defence was so much more comfortable not only as they were all natural defenders but also cos they had a vocal keeper barking instructions and advice. I was running the line by the opponents subs/parents/fans and they asked where our other keeper had gone, I told them that we hadn't seen him since he left the changing room at that game, but it seemed a little more even today compared to last time. They agreed but said it was also less fun for them.

Near the end of the half it started to turn nasty, lunging sliding tackles (which the weather and ground was perfect for) and stamping on feet, elbows in the back kinda stuff (stuff which you expect from some teams, but this team were quite small and agile and looked to want to play it around on the floor rather than hit it route one every time and hope for a lucky bounce like many of the teams we play against). From then and the start of the second half it just got silly and the risk of injury (and cards) was increasing with every tackle.

About 20 minutes in to the second half deadlock was broken, a corner came in and our keeper, who up til now had been brilliant came to claim the ball and shouted for it (so everyone with confidence left it for him) we didn't expect it to go through his arms and give the man behind him a free header.

Our response was fast an effective a quick break and some fancy footwork left our centre-forward free on the right hand side of hte box his low cross was easily turned in by our striker for 1-1.

The silly tackles and shouting at the ref and frankly trying to wind people up and get each other booked increased more and more now. And the final goal of the game was 100% due to this, after a well claimed cross a player from the opposition was down "injured" and so our keeper was waiting for him to check if he was ok, one of their other players came from the behind the keeper and head butted him in the back (I imagine trying to head it out of his hand). Our keeper lost his cool and through the ball at the back of the players head, it rebounded off of him and the player turned around and tapped it in to the open goal. Magically their "injured" player was up in no time to join in the celebration.

It's so frustrating that every week I've played one of the other teams goals can be attributed to a dubious referee decision, but it's even more frustrating that it seems our team don't start to play properly until they are a goal down!

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Re: Game 15: vs Basildon Athletic
« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2011, 06:46:53 am »
Never mind Josh, you might have Mike Dean or Stuart Attwell assigned to your game next week  :)