Author Topic: Trophy4toon predictions league table 2012/13  (Read 21992 times)

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Re: Trophy4toon predictions league table 2012/13
« Reply #105 on: May 26, 2013, 06:50:49 am »
The Final Table

Sees me as Champion after a rather inglorious campaign all round.

Will be interesting to see how our predictions league historian DuraKan rates this campaign in terms of points on the board, it feels like a low one.

Certainly was for Slam Dunc who must have claimed some sort of record by getting only 1 point from his last 6 matches. Slam Dunc and Pardew both on trial next season.

Dolly fared even worse with zero points from the last 6 matches, not helped by the fact she seemed too busy on shopping trips to get her predictions in, allowed Geordie Helm to give her a resounding beating.

Well done to Tooncelona and Mackem2 in their debut seasons, they must fancy a title battle next season.

Disappointing seasons from both Mrmalaki and last years winner Old Bloke, they need to heavily invest next season to improve their form, new crystal balls required.

We await the overall history table from DuraKan to see how the all time standings look now.

But meanwhile I'll announce myself as the winner of the 2012/13 Trophy4toon Predictions League:

Champion - Trophy4toon - top predictor 2012/13     

                Predictions    Points
Trophy4toon   43   85
Durakan   42   81
Matt Ingram   41   78
Tooncelona   37   75
JordanSlatter   41   71
Fatal Error   40   69
Mrmalaki   42   67
Cwolstenholme   41   67
Legzy   40   64
Mackem2   38   63
Old Bloke   36   59
Slam Dunc   43   55
GeordieHelm   30   49
Big Serve 13   23   42
Dolly   36   39
Hooperman   1   1
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Re: Trophy4toon predictions league table 2012/13
« Reply #106 on: May 26, 2013, 04:57:19 pm »
Yes a season to forget i reckon, though in the end i was miles away from the drop zone, sort of.
Well done legzy for another great season the high light of which was beating me.
The only positive part of the season is my pole position on Englands world cup qualifier table, unlike England who are not top of their table.

Thanks again Trophy4toon for your efforts this season, as always much appreciated by us predictors.

Ps can we have three attempts each to predict when the Hawk Eye device has to be used for a toon goal (assuming we ever get that far up the pitch next season)  just for one season as a introduction to the new technology. First predictor to get it right gets an extra 5 points?
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Re: Trophy4toon predictions league table 2012/13
« Reply #107 on: May 26, 2013, 10:08:06 pm »
Slam Dunc's season seemed to mirror Newcastle's right down to the dismal finish and ending fifth from bottom! It could be worse, I notice GeordieHelm finished in the Sunderland spot ... how embarrassing is that? In his defence he only predicted 30 times so his average is MUCH better than SD's. On that topic can I just mention that Tooncelona finished the season with the highest average score per game and was the only team to break the magic 2 point per game barrier! Just thought you'd like to know that!  ;D  Still, I accept that you've got to turn up for every game (unlike the Toon) so congratulations T4T.

PS Got to admire Slam Dunc's desperate attempt to get a few points next season with his Hawkeye prediction idea. Nice one!
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