Author Topic: Dermot Gallagher Sky Sports Boxing day analysis and communication  (Read 1860 times)

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Dermot Gallagher's thought of how best to improve things for referees on Sky this morning was communication between players, managers and officials.

It seems to me quite the opposite.

It is clear what is happening in the Premier League.

The players are trained by their managers and coaching staff how to go down to win crucial free kicks and penalties and then pressurise match officials by disputing every decision given against them. The big clubs all do this when you watch them live.

Added to this the managers heap the pressure on the officials too and try to influence their decisions.

The managers then use their post match interviews to deflect attention from their own team's short comings by blaming the referees for bad results.

Great example of that from Roberto Mancini yesterday at Sunderland where a Joe Hart error let in a soft shot from Adam Johnson only for Mancini to accuse referee Kevin Friend of eating too much over Christmas because of the decision of not blowing up for a foul on Zabaleta after a 50/50 challenge from Craig Gardner on the half way line.

The media love all this too of course, Sky sports have spent much of this morning discussing Alex Ferguson's behaviour yesterday and then the knock on stories of will he be charged or not.

Personally I'm bored with the whole soap opera thats being made of football at the moment. If I wanted to watch a soap opera I would watch Eastenders.

I want to watch football and football that is officiated correctly.

TV replays is the only way to go here, fixing the problems between officials players and managers is nothing about communication.

It's about exposing the cheats in the game and getting the decisions right.

And if that impacts the flow of the game sometimes then so be it, a small price to pay for the to this ridiculous soap opera.   

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