Author Topic: 19th November - France vs Ukraine  (Read 2410 times)

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19th November - France vs Ukraine
« on: November 19, 2013, 08:35:44 pm »
Go back four years and it was a horrific referee decision that sent the French to the World Cup as Thierry Henry's hand contributed the winning goal to see off the Republic of Ireland. This time round it is the flag of the linesman who calls Benzema offside despite the replays showing that he is most definitely onside as he goes to tap in the equaliser from a great Ribery cross.

The linesman has now managed to level things up though as Benzema does score this time from a clear offside position. The ball comes through a number of bodies in the box, clearly being flicked on by a Frenchman to the edge of the six yard box where Benzema standing a good two yards offside collects and scores. What on earth is this linesman watching?
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