Author Topic: Taking a leaf from Ice Hockey  (Read 3137 times)

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Taking a leaf from Ice Hockey
« on: February 14, 2014, 08:50:19 am »
Just watching the Latvia Vs Czech Olympics game.

A goal was scored (the puck bounced off of the camera rather than the net so not setting off the buzzer). At the next break in play this decision was reviewed and the goal awarded.

However in the time between goal and review a player was put in the penalty box (for a minor). The rule in this scenario should be that anything that happened in the 20 or so seconds between should be scratched off (act like it never happened - ie if the team broke away and scored the goal wouldn't stand). However the refs appeared to have no idea what to do and kept the guy in the box leaving the Latvians with a goal and a Power Play.

This seems to me like the direction football should take, allow video replays but allow them at a natural break in play where, should the goal/foul/dive be proven, you can either return to the point of the incident or play on from where they are. The idea of anything that happens in between being scrubbed off is arguable I think this is what the referee would actually earn their keep - they have to take everything in to account).

If a card is awarded as a result of direct influence of the wrong decision being made - IE Tiote hits a shot, it is cleared off the line (but by a hand), 5 newcastle players surround the ref, mean while the opponent breaks away and Coloccini (the last man) takes down the attacking player. If reviewed and they see the handball then Coloccini should not still be sent off (but rather the player that handballed it should be). However if it wasn't and in fact the ball struck the post or the players chest then Coloccini should still receive the penalty.

Where this would become confusing is what if the referee stops play due to dissent to award a booking? What if a petty little fight starts with one player head butting an opponent? Can it all be ignored, should the original decision be over turned?

My point is this seems like the most logical way of working that I have seen actually play out in a fast paced sporting context (ie not cricket or tennis). So may be worth looking at.