Author Topic: 31st August 2015, an astonishing weekend  (Read 2416 times)

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31st August 2015, an astonishing weekend
« on: August 31, 2015, 03:33:56 pm »
Just watching Dermot Gallacher's review of the weekends numerous highly controversial refereeing decisions

He started by praising Andre Marriner for his performance whilst booking six Newcastle players and sending off one whilst the Arsenal players rolled round in apparent agony but rarely needed the trainer on the pitch.

Then he stated the referees have been asked to crackdown on any players simulating/requesting a card be shown. That apparently is an automatic yellow. Then a clip was shown of Dusin Tadic of Southampton gesticulating a card into the face of the referee in their game against Norwich which the referee ignored. Tadic was then shown to be wildly celebrating almost as if he scored when Norwich player Whittaker got his second yellow.

The Stoke match must have been very disappointing to anyone who paid to see it, unless you were a West Brom fan. Michael Oliver decided that Afellay slapping Craig Gardner after Gardner had slapped him was worthy of a red whilst Gardner just got a yellow for practically the same offence. Along with Charlie Adam getting tangled up with Dawson of WBA where the assistant seemed to get very excited and ordered the sending off. Neither offence was dangerous or particularly unpleasant.

The Mark Noble sending off was clearly incorrect everyone accepts this mistake from Kevin Friend.

But the two laughable decisions for me last weekend were not reviewed by Gallagher:

- Coutinho sending off for second yellow by Kevin Friend
Poyat does a pirouette on the ball and falls on top of Coutinho, how could he get out of the way of that, ridiculous second yellow card

- Robert Huth
This was hilarious and I would strongly recommend watching it if you have not seen it. Huth for Leicester pushes the Bournemouth player to the ground then smashes the ball into his face then slaps the face of an oncoming Bournemouth player as he protests. By the criteria mentioned over the week end probably two red cards were due to Huth but only 1 yellow given.

Who actually governs the referees these days. They seem to make it up as they go along and come up with rules none of us really want.

Basically we want 11 players against 11 on the pitch unless players are violent and/or dangerous in which case remove them.

The number of players being sent off is ridiculous and the inconsistency between officials is also ridiculous.

But given the media have spent many hours discussing these decisions, if we did have tv replays and got these decisions correct, what would the tv pundits talk about all day            
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Re: 31st August 2015, an astonishing weekend
« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2015, 07:40:30 am »
The offense of simulating a yellow card being shown only seems to apply to certain clubs as per usual. Alexis Sanchez for example spent the whole of the Newcastle match with his right arm in the air waving for yellow cards. Why wasn't he booked the first time around so that he understood that this practice was unacceptable? If the rules don't apply to Sanchez then perhaps we should just allow him to referee the match.