Author Topic: Sky Sport - all good things come to an end  (Read 778 times)

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Sky Sport - all good things come to an end
« on: January 29, 2017, 04:44:14 pm »
The justification to mandating a rival bidder to have a share of the Premier League broadcasting rights was badged as beneficial to us fans.

In actuality it's only been beneficial to the Premier League itself as the bidding war between Sky and BT has got to astronomic proportions.

They have both paid so much for the TV rights that they are in quite a bit of difficulty. BT share price dropped 20% this week after a set of bad results due to rising costs.

Sky have had to make severe cuts to their other offerings and put their prices up to us mugs, the fans. The current dispute over fees between Sky and Discovery channel means that as from 1st Feb I will have to pay an extra 5 a month for Eurosport which I probably watch as much as Sky to be honest as it has all the tennis and many other good sports events on.

So a sports package prior to the forced introduction of competition to Premier League viewing rights used to cost me 60 per month.

Now following that regulation I'm paying:
Sky 80
BT Sport 21.66
Eurosport 5
So I think I'm paying 106.66 for the full package now.

I'm beginning to think this is just too much and looking at cancelling my Sky subscription.

With China competing big time with the Premier League the Premier League needs the money more than ever before to keep the top players and managers.

Personally I'm sickened by the amount of money swilling around the Premier League and how little of that money gets into grass roots English football.

So if it goes to China it goes, who cares. We can get back to a league where everyone has a chance of winning it and it makes no difference to grass roots football we are all involved in.

Sky supply the main funding to the Premier League but if someone like me is thinking of cancelling it then they are in big trouble, next to struggle will then be the Premier League itself.

So they better start looking at ways to make viewing more cost effective or the Premier League itself will die.     

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