Author Topic: The "Mike Ashley Speaks Direct" Interview on Sky Sports  (Read 572 times)

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The "Mike Ashley Speaks Direct" Interview on Sky Sports
« on: August 14, 2017, 08:26:38 pm »
You can see the Mike Ashley interview here:

The statements on the money don't add up to me. Ashley says he has put his 250 million in and he won't put anymore in. That's fair enough.
But he implies that the club must generate it's own money. What he does not state is how much he is taking out. The reason the club does not have a stadium deal is because it advertises Sports Direct. Is this not the case ?
Also last summer Benitez made a profit of 30 million on transfer dealings yet this summer we have only spent a net 24 million. so where is all the TV money going to that other clubs are spending ? I'm hearing West Ham are spending 30 million on a midfield player today.

The other annoying thing is the lack of ambition. Ashley talks about a long term plan buying up and coming players and developing a better youth academy. In practice all we've actually seen is a punt on various undervalued young players regardless of the team needs.

Benitez himself has a history of constant positioning to get more funds for the team. The lack of communication between the two men is worrying.

At the moment it suits Benitez for numerous reasons including his families location to be in the Premier League.

Personally I could see Benitez walking anytime if a better Premier League offer came along.