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It’s all happening – Trophy4toon

had to laugh tonight as the Man United fans accuse referee Lee Mason of racism following their defeat to Chelsea in the Capital One Cup.

Mason allegedly called Ryan Giggs a “sheep”  Smiley  Smiley

It’s all happening – mrmalaki

The major issue though is that he is alleged to have used racially inappropriate terms when talking to certain players (Mikel Obi being the named player). In a year, or rather a month, which has already been marred by allegations of, and punishments for, racism within the game, the last thing you want is the group of professionals that are charged with enforcing rules, ensuring fair play and protecting players to be guilty of such a thing. I can understand that he has probably been called every name under the sun in the match but if that occurs he should take a stand and punish the player for using foul and abusive language, which according the to Laws of association Football is punishable by a sending off.

It’s all happening – Craig Doyle

It’s all wrong and it has to stop. I still believe that in any incident the referee should instantly be in control and in a position of respect. I would propose that no player outside of the team captain is allowed to approach a match official unless the official indicates that they wish to speak to that individual. Any player who rushes up to an official and starts shouting in their face should be shown a yellow card straight away and should they persist to protest then should be shown down the tunnel. To my knowledge football is one of the few sports on the planet where the referee is in a position to be intimidated by the players with little he can do about it.

Sunderland v Newcastle predictionsSlam Dunc

Well Slam Dunc is in great need of some points so this has got to be an away win.

Fatherless Children 1-2 Nufc

Mackem 2 has got to go for a home win ha ha ha ha.

Technology in football – Craig Doyle

I think it’s fair to say at this point that football most certainly does need video replays. Given the amounts of money involved in the game and being put at risk every single week by the decisions being made by officials I cannot support any reasoning against it. The old pros who feature on the post match panels, Sky punditry and radio shows all seem to be against it but to me these are the views of dinosaurs of the game. To suggest that ‘things level themselves out over the course of a season’ is completely ridiculous. In my opinion if you don’t want video technology to ensure the right decisions are made then you are not backing the FIFA motto of ‘Fair Play’ and instead promoting the concept of cheating and deception. Football is fast becoming a sport that is being left behind as others embrace technology and use it to enhance the integrity of their sport. Even at events steeped in tradition such as Wimbledon, technology has subtley been introduced for the better. Football needs to come out of the dark ages and join the rest of the world.

Demba Ba rumbles on  – Craig Doyle

It seems to me that his agent is not happy because I believe he will get an enormous cut of that £7M transfer fee. The talk last transfer window was that Ba would personally collect half of that sum with probably £1M of Ba’s cut going straight into the pocket of his agent.

I think the club are being very clever in how they handle this as they get more time out of Demba Ba before finally offloading him. The club are not going to be giving out huge contracts to any of our players any time soon and instead will opt to cash in. I believe the club are probably looking at Cisse as the striker going forward and are now actively watching a selection of young strikers on the continent that they could potentially bring in.

It would not surprise me to see us have another look at Kevin Gameiro who has made one start in 6 games for PSG and seems surplus to requirements despite netting twice this season. I think we will look to compliment Cisse with someone who can play as part of a three and help to get the best out of Cisse again.

What I do know for sure is that this club does not negotiate with those making threats regards money. We have seen already with Kevin Nolan what happens.

The Wonga Issue  – Legzy

Apparently the whole Wonga sponsorship deal has been causing some concern amongst some of the players.
But Alan Pardew as expected has been towing the party line, with the resulting team talk including something about the players just needing to concentrate & just make sure they give 4000.99998%

Newcastle 0 Man United 3Crico

Bit aggrieved. We looked controlled on the ball, won our 50-50s and passed it well until the final third. Difficult to complain about the non-goal given we had the same thing go our way over at Everton (and Pardew will keep pushing linesmen: bad Karma) but it still hurts. Guttierez really brought the war to Man Utd today as he always seems to do, and another competent performance for Santon and Ferguson.

The first 2 goals were very defendable and it is another day to regret not signing Douglas or another centre half this summer. Its not as if this situation was entirely unpredictable either. Taylor and Colloccini both have injury records. No use crying over spilt milk I guess.

Laughed when Tiote had a baby for his booking, but other than that its a day for what ifs. Not ready to have a go at the strikers because they were pretty closely shackled today and still managed to win headers that they had no right to. I think it will be a different story against Sunderland and I can see on of Cisse or Ba (or even both!) getting a goal at the SoS.